Spartec Composites has specialized in the design and manufacture of advanced composite parts & assemblies for more than 40 years in USA and Canada. As your carbon fiber manufacturer, we offer unique insight and experience when it comes to selecting and manufacturing carbon fiber parts & assemblies for your product. We understand the strengths and limitations of carbon fiber and through our in-house services, always strive to make your visions come to life. We work with all types of industries from defense and aerospace to commercial or industrial industries. When looking for carbon fiber manufacturing companies, Spartec Composites is your trusted choice.

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Carbon fiber is uniquely suited for a wide variety of applications due to its strong, durable, and lightweight nature. With some types of carbon fiber being up to ten times stronger than steel, the possibilities are limitless. Some of the most common applications that carbon fiber is used for include the following.

  • Robot end of arm tooling
  • Aerospace
  • Supercars
  • Machine guards and covers
  • High-performance parts
  • Drone and drone parts
  • Aerodynamic components for performance automotive applications
  • Equipment covers and shrouds
  • Stowage bins and containers for weight-sensitive vehicle applications

If you are looking to improve upon an existing product or bring a new product to life, carbon fiber could be the ideal material for you. We would be pleased to help you understand more about carbon fiber including which type could be best suited for your project. Come to Spartec Composites for our full-service, in-house carbon fiber manufacturing services.

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Carbon Fiber Composites FAQs

Composites of carbon fiber are high-performance materials made up of carbon fiber and a polymer matrix. The combination of these two different materials enhances the properties of each, creating a lightweight yet strong material. The carbon fiber reinforces the polymer matrix, providing increased stiffness, strength, and heat resistance.

The term “composite” refers to a range of materials, and carbon fiber is a type of composite. Therefore, it’s not accurate to compare carbon fiber against composites generally, as carbon fiber itself is a form of composite. The best choice depends on the specific requirements of the application, in terms of weight, strength, heat resistance, flexibility, and cost.

Carbon fiber composites are used when strength and stiffness are required while still maintaining low weight. It’s ideal for high-performance applications such as aerospace, motorsports, and sporting goods due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, high temperature tolerance, and corrosion resistance.

Disadvantages of carbon fiber composites include their high cost in comparison to other materials like steel, aluminum or wood. Carbon fiber is also more brittle, and thus less impact resistant than some other materials. It can be difficult to repair when damaged and requires highly specialized repair techniques.

Kevlar and carbon fiber have different properties, making them better for different applications. Kevlar is a type of aramid fiber that’s renowned for its high impact resistance and durability, which makes it ideal for bulletproof vests and armor. Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is stiffer and stronger in terms of tensile strength, but less impact-resistant, making it preferable for applications requiring stiffness and light weight such as in the aerospace industry.

The strongest composite material is subjective and depends on the specific properties required. While carbon and glass fiber reinforced polymers offer high strength and stiffness, other composites such as ceramic matrix composites and metal matrix composites can offer enhanced heat resistance and durability.

Carbon fiber composites can typically be more expensive than traditional materials such as steel or aluminium. This is due to the complex manufacturing process, the cost of the raw carbon fiber, and the specialized skills required for handling and fabrication. Despite the cost, they are preferred in certain industries for their superior properties.