Have you ever seen a video of a product being manufactured through an automated process? There is a good chance that what you have seen is a CNC machine in action. Computer numerical control (CNC) is a type of equipment used to automate machinery, having it be controlled by a computer rather than a human. CNC makes manufacturing certain products scalable and even higher quality as it can precisely complete the tasks it is programmed to do.

At Spartec Composites we are leaders in the design and manufacturing of advanced composite and metallic components for a range of industries. We use CNC machines in some of our processes to complete projects for our high-profile clients around the globe. In this article, we will address some of the most frequently asked questions about CNC machines including what they are and what they can be used for.

What is a CNC Laser?

A CNC laser is one application that CNC machines can be used for. In this case, it combines the functionality of a laser with the automation of a CNC machine. This can involve using a laser for cutting or other functions while having the process automated. One application of CNC lasers is to complete custom cutting or etching of materials such as paper, wood, glass, stone, plastic and some types of metals.

What is a CNC Machine Used for?

A CNC machine is not limited to only one type of machine and can be used on many different types of materials such as our carbon fiber CNC service. CNC can be used to control a laser, waterjet cutter, grinder, milling machine, sheet metal stamping machine or even a metal machine. There are seemingly endless instances when CNC can be used to automate a process.

When it comes to CNC textile kit cutting, there is a large selection of materials that can be processed through this method. Some of the common materials that we work with for CNC textile kit cutting include the following.

Is CNC Machining Hard?

Does the idea of CNC machining sound overwhelming or confusing to you? If you are not familiar with programming or don’t know much about the industry, it can seem like a very difficult process to implement. The people who program CNC machines are highly skilled and are deeply knowledgeable about what they do. To qualify whether CNC machining is hard would depend on the type of project being completed as well as the experience level of the people behind the programming.

The machines are made to do a job, but any output can only be as good as its input. Once implemented through programming, CNC machining is a straightforward process as the machine will do exactly what it is programmed to do. The hardest part is everything that comes before the machine gets going.

If you feel that a CNC machine would be beneficial for your project, contact us today. We would be pleased to discuss your needs and help you with every stage of the process. From engineering to implementation, our in-house team is here to help.