Is Carbon Fiber Durable

There’s no doubt that carbon fiber can be incredibly strong. Its lightweight properties also make it highly versatile and usable for applications where metals would be impractical or even impossible. But just how durable and strong is carbon fibre? As carbon fibre composites can vary in quality, there is no set answer though strong carbon fibre can be much stronger than steel. Always keep in mind that the quality of carbon fibre will influence its strength as not all carbon fibre is created equally.

At Spartec Composites, our team has more than 40 years of experience in composite manufacturing and composite engineering. We know that carbon fibre comes in many forms, and though it can be incredibly strong, it is not always the best material choice for every application. In this post, we answer questions surrounding carbon fibres strength. If you are considering carbon fibre as a material for your project, contact us today. We can help you take your project from an idea on paper to a finished product, all in-house.

What is The Tensile Strength of Carbon Fiber?

Tensile strength refers to a material’s ability to resist breaking under tension. Carbon fibers strength can vary significantly depending on how it was created. However, it can generally be measured between a range of 1400 to 4800 MPa. Custom composite manufacturing can help you to create a product that is as strong as you need it to be rather than simply being the strongest. Always consider the purpose of a product before assuming you need the strongest material.

Can Carbon Fiber Stop a Bullet?

Carbon fibre can be incredibly strong, and in theory, it could stop a bullet. However, carbon fibre is not always the ideal material choice if protection against ballistics is the goal. Kevlar® is often a more suitable choice for bulletproof gear and equipment. Or post, Carbon Fiver vs Kevlar®, Which is Better? Offers more insight into understanding why even though carbon fibre can stop a bullet, it might not be your best option.

Is Carbon Fibre Indestructible?

The strongest carbon fibres may seem close to indestructible, though, at some point, they can still become damaged or destroyed. When considering carbon fibre as a material choice for your product, be sure to work with a carbon fibre composites manufacturer who can identify and design a composite material that suits the needs of your product. Carbon fibre isn’t indestructible, but it can be created to the standards you require, even if this means heavy-duty use.

Not all carbon fibre is created equally. Our post, How Strong Is Carbon Fibre? Helps you understand how carbon fibre is used and just how strong it can be. For more information on carbon fiber manufacturing, contact an expert at Spartec Composites today.