What Type of Epoxy Can Be Used with Carbon Fibre?

If you are looking for a material that offers incredible strength and durability while also being lightweight, there is no question that carbon fibre could be the ideal choice. Carbon fibre is uniquely suited for a wide range of applications across various industries. However, not all carbon fibre is created equally. To understand whether carbon fibre is right for your project, you’ll need to explore how it is fabricated and understand the different types of epoxy that can be used to create this material.

At Spartec Composites, we have specialized in the design and manufacturing of carbon composite materials and carbon fibre molding for more than 40 years. We understand that taking your project from an idea on paper to a finished project can feel like an overwhelming process. That’s why we offer full-service, in-house carbon fibre manufacturing and fabrication services. In this post, we help you understand what epoxy to use with carbon fibre to achieve your desired results.

For more information about the carbon fibre fabrication or carbon fibre manufacturing processes, contact us or see our post, What is Carbon Fibre Anyways?

What Are Epoxies?

Epoxies are a type of thermosetting polymer that are commonly used as adhesives and coatings. Epoxides are made by combining two main components: an epoxy resin and a hardening agent, also known as a curing agent or catalyst. There are a variety of epoxy types available. Below are some of the common types of epoxies.

  • BPA
  • BPF
  • Novolac

What Types of Epoxy Can Be Used With Carbon Fibre?

When exploring using carbon fibre for their projects, our clients often ask us, what kind of epoxy do you use for carbon fibrer? Though, in theory, any type of epoxy can be used to make carbon fibre composites, the type used can vary based on the intended application of the finished product. Factors such as durability, flame resistance, and even lightness can all play a role in choosing the right epoxy type. The unique requirements of your project will always play a role in determining the right epoxy type.

How Can I Know Which Epoxy is Right for My Project?

When it comes to creating a carbon fibre composite material, there are many factors that need to be considered. The budget of your project, the intended use of the finished product, and any other functional considerations should be considered as not all epoxy types provide the same properties.

It is always a good idea to consult with experts when looking to use carbon fibre composite materials. At Spartec Composites, our in-house team of experts can offer advice and guidance in selecting which types of carbon fibre and epoxy are best suited to your unique circumstances. Contact a member of our team today to learn more about composite engineering and let us help you with every stage of bringing your idea to life.