Forged Carbon Fibre: What it Is and How It's Used

Carbon fibre is an exceptional material choice that can be used in a variety of applications. However, not all carbon fibre is created equally. Due to the nature of how carbon fibre is created, it can be designed to be more durable or have specific properties such as fire resistance. Forged carbon fibre is one of the many types of carbon fibre available and is a desirable option. If you’ve never heard of forged carbon fibre before, the experts at Spartec Composites can help you determine if it is the right option for your project.

Spartec Composites has specialized in the design and manufacture of advanced composite parts & assemblies for more than 40 years in the USA and Canada. As your carbon fibre manufacturer, we offer unique insight and experience when it comes to selecting and manufacturing carbon fibre materials. We understand that carbon fibre composite can seem complex, and knowing which type of carbon fibre is right for you can be a tough call. In this post, we dive into the basics of forged carbon fibre to help you learn more about this carbon fibre composite option.

What Is Forged Carbon Fibre?

Forged carbon fibre is a type of carbon fibre material that is made using a different manufacturing process compared to traditional carbon fibre composite options. In the forging process, carbon fibre strands are mixed with resin and heated under pressure to create a solid, lightweight, and strong material.

The resulting forged carbon fibre has a unique appearance, with a marbled or swirled pattern, as the fibres are not aligned in a specific direction like in traditional carbon fibre composites. This random alignment of the carbon fibres provides uniform strength in all directions, making forged carbon fibre exceptionally durable while also remaining lightweight.

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What is Forged Carbon Fibre Used For?

Forged carbon fibre is often used in the production of high-performance equipment and parts. Ideal for use in applications where lightness and durability are essential, forged carbon fibre is used in sporting equipment, aerospace components, and automotive components. Some examples of forged carbon fibre products include hockey sticks, bike frames, car body panels and interiors, and structural parts of aircraft.

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If you are considering carbon fibre or forged carbon fibre for your project, the experts at Spartec Composites can help. There are many factors that can help you determine which type of composite material is ideal for your application and budget. Contact us today and let us help you take your idea from a sketch on paper to a finished product. With in-house composite engineering, composite manufacturing, and composite fabrication, we are the experts you can count on for all things carbon fibre related.