28 Oct 22

What is Carbon Fibre Anyways?

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Have you heard about carbon fibre but aren’t quite sure what it really is? Carbon fibre composites can seem complex as not all are created equally, yet they can be one of the strongest materials around. Though strength is typically associated with metals such as steel, carbon fibre can be stronger and also significantly lighter too. [...]

28 Oct 22

Is Carbon Fiber Durable? Your Most-Asked Questions Surrounding Carbon Fibre Strength

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There’s no doubt that carbon fiber can be incredibly strong. Its lightweight properties also make it highly versatile and usable for applications where metals would be impractical or even impossible. But just how durable and strong is carbon fibre? As carbon fibre composites can vary in quality, there is no set answer though strong carbon fibre [...]

01 Sep 22

How Strong is Carbon Fiber? Your Guide to Knowing Just How Strong Carbon Fiber Can Be

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In This Post Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than Steel? Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than Aluminum? Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than a Diamond? Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than Plastic? Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than Titanium? Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than Kevlar®? What Makes Carbon Fiber so Strong? Are you considering choosing carbon fiber as a material for [...]

23 Jun 22

Carbon Fiber vs Kevlar®, Which is Better?

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When it comes to the defence industry, Kevlar® is one of the most widely used composite materials. Suitable for a wide range of defence-related products, Kevlar® is an affordable, practical, and versatile material that has become a necessity for performance and safety needs. Kevlar® is also used in other applications for industries such as the aerospace and [...]

23 Jun 22

What is the Difference Between Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber?

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If you are looking to have a product manufactured with a composite material, it is more than likely that you will have come across both fiberglass and carbon fiber as options. Though carbon fiber and fiberglass sound similar, these two materials have unique properties and benefits that can make them more or less desirable depending on [...]

29 Dec 21

What is GRP and How Can It Be Used

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Are you in the beginning stages of product development and are feeling unsure about the wide range of composite materials available? Composites can seem complicated and there is a lot of terminologies to get accustomed to when looking into composite fabrication. Although it can be quite technical, we want to help make composite material fabrication approachable [...]

29 Dec 21

Fibre Reinforced Plastic – What Is It and How Can It Be Used

By |2021-12-29T12:44:57-05:00December 29th, 2021|Categories: Composites|

FRP is a strong and lightweight material that is often used in construction. Due to its properties, it is often more versatile and performance-forward than traditional materials such as wood or concrete. With its corrosion-resistant properties and incredible durability, it is no surprise that FRP is a top choice in many construction projects. Though FRP is [...]

28 Sep 21

What Is Composite Manufacturing

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At Spartec Composites, we have more than 25 years of experience in composite manufacturing. We have worked with countless clients, taking their ideas, and turning them into tangible products. Though many of our clients have a general understanding of what composite materials are, many people are curious and want to learn more about how to manufacture [...]

26 Aug 21

Common Questions about Carbon Fiber

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If you are looking to manufacture a product that utilizes carbon fiber, you likely already know that it is an incredibly strong and durable material. It can be used in a wide range of applications and is desirable for its combination of being strong and lightweight. But what else should you know about carbon fiber and [...]

23 Jun 21

What is CNC Used For?

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Have you ever seen a video of a product being manufactured through an automated process? There is a good chance that what you have seen is a CNC machine in action. Computer numerical control (CNC) is a type of equipment used to automate machinery, having it be controlled by a computer rather than a human. [...]