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Carbon fiber is an exceptional material that is uniquely suited for a wide range of industries and applications. Incredibly strong while being inconceivably lightweight, carbon fiber is ideal for countless consumer applications while also being a pragmatic choice for aerospace and defense applications. When looking for carbon fiber composite manufacturing services, it is important to work with an experienced custom carbon fiber manufacturing company.

At Spartec Composites we have specialized in the design and manufacturing of carbon composite materials and carbon fiber molding for more than 40 years in the United States and Canada. Our in-house, full-service carbon fiber manufacturing process & carbon fiber fabrication can help you take your idea from paper to finished product. We have the experience and expertise you expect when looking for carbon fiber engineering, carbon fiber cutting and carbon fiber molding services.

How We Innovate to Suit Your Vision

Are you set on carbon fiber as the ideal material for your part or product? We frequently work with clients who know they want carbon fiber but may not have the budget to match their vision. We are proud to produce carbon fiber parts in a variety of price ranges by utilizing our in-house services. For high-end projects, we can offer autoclave cured carbon/epoxy prepreg materials. Midrange projects can be accommodated with vacuum-infused laminates using dry carbon fiber and liquid epoxy resin. We also provide options for lower-budget projects such as hand lamination for non-cosmetic commercial or industrial parts. Our extensive experience also allows us to offer insight throughout the manufacturing process such as substituting other suitable options like fiberglass or utilizing carbon fiber for only some parts of the product while still maintaining the overall vision and quality. Our in-house engineers provide insight to help you bring your product to life with the best composite material option based on the product’s purpose and your budget.

If you are looking to convert a part from metal to a composite material, you’ll need to keep in mind whether your original part has been optimized for composite manufacturing. Though many carbon fiber companies will take your part and convert it without question, a lack of re-designing its features will likely result in issues down the line. We regularly support our customers through the process with education on best practices for composite design. By focusing on the function of the finished product, we can create simpler and cheaper parts that are easier and faster to make.

When it comes to choosing a carbon fiber manufacturer, you’ll want to consider your experience from start to finish. At Spartec Composites, we are able to take your idea from a sketch on a napkin to a finished part. We take care of the entire carbon fiber manufacturing process in-house, which helps to keep your costs low and lead times short. We do not rely on sub-contractors which means you can feel assured that you are always receiving the quality you expect. From engineering and prepreg lamination to carbon fiber CNC service we take care of every step of the process within our facilities.

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    Carbon Fiber Parts Manufacturing Process in USA & Canada

    Carbon fiber parts and products can be produced using a variety of advanced processes to control the quality, fiber orientation and materials used through the manufacturing process. At Spartec Composites, we utilize a variety of advanced manufacturing processes to decrease the time and cost of carbon fiber fabrication. Our intuitive approach utilizes key processes to suit your project such as the following options.

    • Cad design and analysis to optimize parts for manufacturing

    • Laser scanning and digitization to reverse engineer physical parts or scale-model prototypes

    • Textile pattern generation

    • Computerized nesting of textile patterns to control fiber orientation while ensuring the best possible yield of material

    • CNC textile kit cutting to accurately produce textile kits of each part while tightly controlling fiber orientation of each ply

    • Prepeg lamination and vacuum bagging

    • Autoclave curing in our industrial autoclave ovens

    • 6 and 7-axis robotic trimming, adhesive bonding and assembly of fasteners and ancillary components

    • Quality assurance inspection utilizing our FARO laser CMM scanner or FARO portable CMM arm to ensure your part or product meets your expectations.

    Defense Applications

    Carbon fiber offers unique properties that are valuable and sought-after in defense industries. Drone bodies and parts, armoured vehicles, fighter jets and other devices utilize carbon fiber for its versatile and strong properties. When sourcing carbon fiber composite companies for defense purposes, quality, dependability, and performance are essential. Spartec Composites has proven experience working on defense-related projects and is a trusted carbon fiber manufacturer within the defense industry.

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    Other Projects Types and Industries We Have Worked With

    Due to its versatile and strong nature, carbon fiber products are sought-after for a variety of applications. We have worked with all types of industries to create carbon fiber fabrication solutions that uniquely suit their needs. Some of the common applications and industries we have completed projects for include the following.

    • Robot end of arm tooling
    • Aerospace
    • Supercars
    • Machine guards and covers
    • High-performance parts
    • Drone and drone parts
    • Aerodynamic components for performance automotive applications
    • Equipment covers and shrouds
    • Stowage bins and containers for weight-sensitive vehicle applications.

    Why Choose Spartec Composites for Your Carbon fiber Manufacturing Project

    Carbon fiber offers unique value and versatility and is frequently the top choice for those looking for industrial parts and commercial products. At Spartec Composites, we offer unique value to our customers through our in-house, full-service carbon fiber machining services. Learn more about how we bring you value and quality through our expert services.

    With in-house expertise, we are able to offer our clients traditional Hand Layup (HLU) or Vacuum Infusion (VARTM) processes. We also hold the ability to produce high-performance parts by using prepreg material that is cured in ovens or with autoclaves. This process produces parts that are lighter and stronger than those produced through traditional methods. When budget is a concern, we can also make parts using oven-cure prepregs that allow similar advantages to advanced methods with a reduced price point. Our versatility sets us apart from other carbon fiber manufacturing companies that may not have access to a variety of processing options all in-house.

    We are experienced in working with carbon fiber molds to produce high-end autoclave cured carbon fiber parts. These carbon fiber molds are used to control the dimensional accuracy of the part during high-temperature cure cycles as they have the same Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) as the finished part. This reduces wear on the tool and produces dimensionally stable finished parts that meet your expectations. We care about the quality of products we produce. We have invested in HEPA filtration systems for both manual and robotic trimming that allow us to safely process finished parts with accuracy.

    We use Eastman CNC textile cutting machines to process all of our raw fibers. This is crucial when working with carbon prepreg as it is an exceptionally expensive material. We are always looking to maximize our customers’ material yield and not waste materials. Our advanced computerized nesting software allows us to maximize yield while perfectly controlling ply fiber orientation which is especially crucial in structural parts.

    Our team of experienced laminators is capable of working on projects of any size. From large boat hulls to small and complex parts, we have the skills and experience to complete your project. Quality is always our top priority and extensive steps are taken to ensure you obtain the results you desire. Our QA team takes care to document all aspects of the lamination process including atmospheric conditions and material traceability. We utilize digital vacuum gauges to perform drop-down leak tests on all parts prior to curing. To ensure staff safety and minimize the risk of contamination we also use HEPA air filtration for at-source and whole-room filtration. No detail is left unaccounted for when you choose Spartec Composites.

    With decades of experience, our in-house carbon fiber engineering and design team is the key to efficiency and cost-effectiveness through the entire composite manufacturing process. We specialize in metallic to composite conversion projects and ensure that parts are not just designed with strength and weight in mind, but also for ease of manufacturing. There may be many ways to make a part, however, there are only a few ways to do so efficiently. Our engineering and design teams ensure our customers get to the finish line as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

    Quality Assurance (QA) is of the utmost importance at Spartec Composites. Our QA department is equipped with several FARO CMM inspection arms and scanners to efficiently and accurately assess finished parts for dimensional and compositional accuracy. Our laminators consistently work in tightly controlled layup processes that include buddy-check, sign-off sheets, and documentation of material traceability. We are dedicated to quality throughout the process and our autoclave and curing ovens are equipped with computerized logging technology that tracks and records all aspects of the cure cycle. Transparency and quality are things you can be assured of when working with Spartec Composites.

    Carbon fiber is an exceptional material with endless applications. We understand that beginning any custom carbon fiber fabrication project can come with questions and concerns. We offer the unique ability to tailor the quality required to the unique needs of each customer making carbon fiber composites more accessible. From working with advanced aerospace and defense customers to humble commercial and industrial producers, we have the expertise to bring any project to life.

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