Carbon Fiber

What You Need to Know about Prepreg Carbon Fiber

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Carbon fiber is the ideal material choice for many applications due to its unique properties. Yet the process of creating carbon fiber products is not always simple, and can be quite costly too. When considering the use of carbon fiber for your project, understanding the types of carbon fiber products and the methods of fabrication is [...]

What is Carbon Fiber, and How Does it Compare to Alloys?

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If you know a little about carbon fiber, you are likely aware that it is a composite material. But is carbon fiber an alloy? Like alloy metals, carbon fiber is made from two or more individual materials. However, metal alloys and carbon fiber composites are quite different. If you are considering using carbon fiber for your [...]

How Much Heat is Too Much for Carbon Fibre Composites?

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Carbon fibre is strong, versatile, and an overall excellent material for heavy-duty applications. However, it is not without limitations. When considering carbon fibre as the material of choice for any product, it is important to note that not all carbon fibre is created equally. When looking for specific properties, such as being fireproof, you’ll need to [...]

Is it Possible to Drill into Carbon Fibre? What You Can and Can’t Do with This Exceptional Material.

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Carbon fibre is a composite material that can be used for a wide variety of applications across industries of all kinds. Although it can be manufactured to be stronger than steel, carbon fibre does have limitations that can make it unsuitable for some applications. Working with an experienced composite manufacturer is the best way to ensure [...]

Is Carbon Fiber Conductive? A Closer Look at Its Electrical Conductivity

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When working in construction or other industrial settings, understanding the properties of the materials you are working with is essential. Knowing whether or not a material is conductive or insulating is important for both the engineering and design of a product. Understanding material properties is also essential for health and safety concerns too. As carbon fiber [...]

How Much Does Carbon Fiber Cost? Factors That Affect the Price

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  Do you have an idea for a product but aren’t quite sure which material would be best suited for its functional needs? You may have found yourself considering carbon fiber as your material of choice. You’ve likely also heard that it could be quite expensive. Though it is true that carbon fiber can be expensive, [...]

What is Carbon Fibre Anyways?

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Have you heard about carbon fibre but aren’t quite sure what it really is? Carbon fibre composites can seem complex as not all are created equally, yet they can be one of the strongest materials around. Though strength is typically associated with metals such as steel, carbon fibre can be stronger and also significantly lighter too. [...]

Is Carbon Fiber Durable? Your Most-Asked Questions Surrounding Carbon Fibre Strength

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There’s no doubt that carbon fiber can be incredibly strong. Its lightweight properties also make it highly versatile and usable for applications where metals would be impractical or even impossible. But just how durable and strong is carbon fibre? As carbon fibre composites can vary in quality, there is no set answer though strong carbon fibre [...]

How Strong is Carbon Fiber? Your Guide to Knowing Just How Strong Carbon Fiber Can Be

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In This Post Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than Steel? Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than Aluminum? Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than a Diamond? Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than Plastic? Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than Titanium? Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than Kevlar®? What Makes Carbon Fiber so Strong? Are you considering choosing carbon fiber as a material for [...]

Carbon Fiber vs Kevlar®, Which is Better?

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When it comes to the defence industry, Kevlar® is one of the most widely used composite materials. Suitable for a wide range of defence-related products, Kevlar® is an affordable, practical, and versatile material that has become a necessity for performance and safety needs. Kevlar® is also used in other applications for industries such as the aerospace and [...]