Project Summary

Spartec Composites was approached by the truck body up fitter to work in tandem with an aerodynamic engineering team to create a composite aero package that adapted the body to the chassis/cab perfectly. We used a gelcoat finish backed by infusion grade ISO resin with Rovicore glass fibers. This combination eliminated the need for post painting of the part and ensured a strong yet affordable part.

  • Highly successful green initiative driven by the end user
  • Final aero package included skirt flares, cab adapter, Nose cone (4 parts per vehicle)
  • Units were finished in gelcoat and colour matched to Mercedes sprinter
  • All vehicle sets were built and delivered just in time with no production interruptions on two shifts
  • The end user saw incredible energy savings compared to their older less aero fleet.

In the end, Spartec Composites built 1200 units over 3 years and are commonly seen all over Canada to this day.

Specific Services Provided

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Utilized closed molding resin infusion to reusable bags to reduce production costs and consumables. Benefits:

  • Precise resin and glass use for part to part weight consistency & costs
  • Zero solvent emission part manufacturing
  • Multiple cycles per mold per shift
  • Dramatically reduces potential for manufacturing errors compared to traditional manual processes


Full automated trimming in our robotic trim cell for part to part consistency, increased part quality and no chance for errors in hole locations

Kit Cutting

CNC cutting services technology allowed us to quickly provide cost-effective, high-precision textile kits, thus eliminating your need for labour intensive manual cutting.


We supported their engineering team and designed the molds and manufacturing processes around their aerodynamic part design.