Kit Cutting

CNC Textile Kit Cutting

As automation becomes increasingly prevalent in composites manufacturing, the need for accurate pre-cut textile kits is becoming more important than ever. CNC cutting services technology allows us to quickly provide cost-effective, high-precision textile kits, thus eliminating your need for labour intensive manual cutting.

Our automated flatbed cutting systems are able to cut reinforcement material faster, more cost effectively, and with greater precision than manual cutting.

We also utilize a laser projector over our cutting tables for the precise alignment of material on the cutting bed. This allows us to very accurately cut items like TFP preforms (Tailored fiber placement) to eliminate up to 95% material waste.

Machine Specifications:

  • 40’ x 78” High-speed machines
  • Automated spreading systems
  • Vacuum Hold Down
  • Different tool options – round knives, drag knives & punches
  • Automated pen & airbrush kit marking systems

Commonly processed materials include:

If your material is on a roll, we can cut it

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CAD Pattern Generation

Using our fabric cutting service and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) technology along with our years of experience, the Spartec team is able to precisely digitize your fabric and core patterns for use on CNC cutting machines. We can also generate patterns and CAD models from existing molds. Our CMM technology combined with our highly qualified in-house team are trained and capable of measuring coordinates to the hundredth of a mm on a scale of over 1m.

We are also able to process and digitalize your patterns at your facility regardless of where you are in the world.

Precision dimensioning ensures an accurate CAD model which can then be used to implement automated process improvements such as textile and core kit cutting.

Core Cutting

Similar to textile kit cutting, our team can help improve the efficiency of your manufacturing process by offering core cutting services. We have the ability to precisely cut your core material from CAD files, sketches, or existing parts using our in-house 4’ x 8’ 3-axis CNC router.

With years of experience with core cutting for internal projects and external customers, we have experience cutting the following core materials:

  • Balsa Wood Cores
  • Foam Cores
  • Fabric Cores

We are always open to cutting new materials based on your specific need and application.

Computerized Nesting

With the ever increasing cost of materials, efficient material nesting to maximize yield is becoming more and more important. We have invested heavily in advanced nesting software in recent years to ensure we can offer the most cost effective solution to our customers. When transitioning from hand cutting to computerized nesting and cutting some customers have seen a decrease in material usage by up to 35%!

Our nesting software is not tied to any specific machine or process. We use our software to optimize nests for:

  • Acrylic cutting (Laser)
  • Wood cutting (3-axis CNC)
  • Core cutting (3-axis CNC)
  • Textile cutting (CNC Textile Cutter)
  • Hand cutting (with templates)

Kit Cutting Frequently Asked Questions

We can accommodate a wide range of processed materials. We accurately cut materials with our automated flatbed cutting systems. Commonly cut materials include Pre-Preg, fibreglass fabric, foam and plastics. We specialize in carbon fiber cutting.

We work with clients on a global scale. We have extensive experience working in global markets. We specialize in being able to process and digitalize your patterns from anywhere in the world.

We are proud to offer computerized nesting in a variety of software options. We consistently decrease customer costs and material usage by utilizing computerized nesting. Consider using computerized nesting for acrylic cutting, wood cutting, core cutting, and textile cutting.